collaborative project YEAR 11 WRITING "MY IDEAL HIGH SCHOOL"



A collaborative project of my Year 11 students

4th High School, Ilion, GREECE


Emmanuel Ninos BA English & Greek, Dip RSA TEFL, MA Ed.

Αλέξανδρος Γεωργόπουλος    [B1]

 One of the problems in high school is that lessons begin at 9 o'clock. This is too early for students. Because of the numerous obligations they have, it's natural for them to sleep very late at night, which makes them feel tired and lead them to concentration problems.

Another problem in highschool are the classroom walls. They look horribly dirty and they are in dire need of repainting!

 About the first problem, I suggest changing the timetable a little. The first bell should ring  at 10 o'clock instead of 8:15, so that everyone can wake up more easily. This measure will prove beneficial for all teenagers who need to sleep at least 9 hours every night.

In my opinion, the best solution for the second problem will be a free day. On that day, instead of  lessons, we can repaint the walls ourselves.

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Θοδωρής Γεωργόπουλος  [B1]

One of the problems in school is that Physical Education lessons are not enough to help us train ourselves and relax from pressure and stress.

Another problem in my opinion is that lessons start at 8 o?clock.This is also a problem for me personally, because I sleep too late at night and can't wake up easily to go to school and I often miss the first lesson.

    I would suggest lessons start at 10 o?clock so every student who sleeps late at night, can wake up in the morning, without missing any lesson. Furthermore, I suggest having more P.E lessons because it's very important for us to relax and to train not only our body ,but our mind too, and have the power to continue our hectic schedule. Nowadays, students suffer from pressure, but I believe P.E is a good ?medicine? against it.

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Ρεβέκκα  Κονδύλη [Β1]

The problems that my school has been faced with are fortunately just a few. The most important one for me is that we don't have the appropriate infrastructure for sports activities. Also, I don't like our classroom because it is boring and gloomy.

On the other hand, my school is my second home! I meet my friends there and we have a whale of a time in class! The teachers are quite good too. Furthermore, I like the celebrations that my school organizes. Another thing that I would like us to have in our school would be a music studio where we could play and record music. And also a music room with a piano and other musical instruments. I would also like a huge library where we could find both textbooks and deluxe editions of books in foreign languages.



Unfortunately, in recent years there is a number of problems that high schools in Greece have to deal with. First of all, most school buildings in my country are in a terrible condition. For instance, the walls of the buildings are grimy and classrooms are often really small, not to mention the fact that the heating system  sometimes doesn?t work. In addition, school lessons start so early in the morning that most students miss the first couple of classes.

However difficult the situation may be, there are still a few solutions that can be suggested. To begin with, the government should spend more money on the educational system. As a result, school buildings will be renovated. Last but not least, should  lessons start later, students will be able to attend every school activity.There is no doubt that every learner will take full advantage of the new situation.



First of all , I think that a major problem that my high school has is that lessons start at 8:15 am everyday. As a result, students become more and more tired and they can not pay attention to what their teachers say.

Moreover, I have noticed that whenever I get to my classroom I am cold. This happens because my school is not well-insulated

. In addition,  the school canteen has some junk food and soft drinks which make teenagers become overweight, or even obese.

  I suggest that the Department of Education change the timetable. What I mean is that every school should start at 10:15 am. In this way, students will sleep more hours, so they can get more rest and they will be able to pay attention in class.

Furthermore , the Government should provide schools with more money in order to put another two radiators in each classroom , so they will get warmer. It would be helpful  if the school canteen had healthy meals like yoghurt , fruit , vegetables and milk. By doing this , teenagers will become fitter, stronger and healthier day by day.



Nowadays, high school is based on utilitarianism and students gain only the knowledge that they need in order to enter a university. So they do not get humanistic education and, as result, they become antisocial. Furthermore, our childhood is destroyed or limited, because we are stressed by the amount of demanding subjects and we are unable to enjoy some free time, which causes anxiety and stress.     

On the contrary, the ideal high school should provide proper, free and humanitarian education without discriminations and at the same time, it should prepare its students for the adulthood and the demands of their future profession. In addition, it should also be equipped with many and appropriate facilities which would help the students find their talents and develop their skills.



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