"Holiday with a friend" A student's composition TAKE OFF B1+ p. 58

Writing assignment

TAKE OFF B1+ p. 58

 Dear Kostas,  

  How are you? I'm writing this letter, because i want to remind you of
 the idea we had last year to go on holiday together. Well, I've found the ideal solution
that i believe you will love, too.
  In my opinion, we'd better go on holidays in July, because my birthday is approaching
and I am pretty sure that my parents will allow me to go on vacation alone (I mean, with you).
Nevertheless, you will never guess in which place we are going to stay.
In a beautiful, quaint hotel in ...Italy,  in Rome!
You don't have to worry about neither the cost nor the way we will arrive there.
My uncle, who also happens to be my godfather, promised to take care of everything.
 Don't forget it will be a unique experience for both of us,
because it will be our first  holiday abroad.
There's so much to do there, we will see plenty of monuments, museums and sights that are really remarkable and memorable,
such as the Colosseum and many others.
  So , I think and, to be honest, I hope  you will agree with me, considering the fun and
the unforgettable moments that we will have there.
Write back soon and don't hesitate to say ''yes''.
                                                                                 See you soon ,

Giannis Galariotis B1 [2014-2015]

Year 11 - 4th Senior High School, Ilion


Γιάννης Γαλαριώτης [Β1 2014-2015]