Participation in the Schulen der Brede art exhibition

Last year, Mr Tourlas, our Math teacher, was looking for a student who would be willing to make a wooden postcard, and I offered to help him.

He told me that this work of art would be presented at a German school (Shulen der Brede), in Brakel, which was hosting an exhibition.

During school year 2015-2016 I took part in a Comenius European Program, where I met a lot of new people and also made new friends. Of course it was an amazing. I wish I could time travel and relive the great experience!

That's why I offered to make the postcard, as I felt it would bring me closer to the whole event.

I admit that it was rather challenging. I wanted to make something unique, which would also reflect its Greek origin. That was when my mother came up with the idea of a "decoupage". I thought it was a brilliant idea, yet quite tricky, as I had never done anything similar in the past. However, I decided to take that risk.

The whole process took me two days. It was worth it, though. The wooden postcard turned out so great and I felt very satisfied!

The woodwork wouldn't look so good without my mum's encouragement and suggestions.


Anastasia Kanta

Year 12   [2016-2017]